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We pursue new opportunities where we can add deep value through our experience, and devote the appropriate mix of strategic advice, domain expertise and capital to help accelerate your company's growth. read more.


20/20 HealthCare Partners LLC is a Global Investment Group that invests at the early stage of technology & life science innovation. We have a long history of creating value by partnering with entrepreneurs, executives and strategic partners in the healthcare community. Through strategic advice, team building, product development and syndicated investment, we are committed to helping our partners build valuable companies that impact healthcare and improve quality of life.


We look for companies in the fields of Diagnostic Imaging, Medical devices, Healthcare IT, Biotechnology & pharmaceuticals. Our healthcare community combines some of the most respected entrepreneurs, researchers, executives and strategic partners in science and healthcare. This growing network supports our companies through their growth all to way to a potential, successful, exit.

We look to invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with distinctive technologies that, assisted by our involvement, can become valuable companies in the future.


We bring more than just investment capital. We employ a flexible structure to address market opportunities, with a strong focus on markets where our experience, knowledge, and network can build companies' value within the Life Sciences industry. Believing that a successful company must rely on excellent working relations between the investors and the management, we create a close working relationships with the management team including the founder / entrepreneur, ensuring trust, honesty and earnings.


We review various types of investment opportunities from primarily initial pre-seed and early stage funding up through our growth equity and buyout investments.

Projects may be structured in a few ways:

  • Direct Investments.
  • Lead investments - working with private investors and hedge funds, to execute larger transactions.
  • Assistance with strategic alliances and company mergers.
  • Sourcing of growth capital.
  • Board of Director level advice and other strategic consulting.
  • Incubation and operational support.