We are proud to work with great entrepreneurs, scientists, and business leaders who build transformational companies that impact and advance healthcare.


Verseau Therapeutics – Verseau is creating a new class of therapeutics, macrophage checkpoint modulators, to benefit patients with cancer, immune and inflammatory diseases. With our proprietary all-human translational system we identify novel targets and develop therapies that shift macrophages between immune activators and silencers in disease. Our data suggest that we can at least double the patient population benefitting from immunotherapy. Our initial focus is building a pipeline of first-in-class therapies that modulate macrophages to trigger a coordinated immune attack on cancer.

Variantyx – We see whole genome sequencing (WGS) as the standard of genomic diagnostic care, and are working to make whole genome testing broadly accessible to patients with rare genetic diseases.

Why whole genome sequencing? It provides the most comprehensive view of an individual’s genome. Unlike panels and exome sequencing which target specific regions comprising 1.5% or less of an individual’s DNA, WGS covers the entire known genome, including the mitochondrial genome. It enables identification of single nucleotide variants, indels and structural variants, including CNVs and tandem repeats, in data from a single sequencing run.

VR Health – VRHealth creates Medical & Therapeutic Applications using XR technology. The VRHealth Platform collects and analyzes user interactions with virtual objects and environments. By using AI cloud computing algorithms, we deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home, where users can analyze and quantify performance through a digital experience.

ULTRA SPECT UltraSPECT provides the most cost-effective solutions for meeting ASNC guidelines for Low Dose Imaging..

EIGHTSPOKES EightSpokes has created a revolutionary platform — ENLIGHTEN — to significantly enhance the quality and speed of execution for life sciences initiatives such as product development, global product launches, and lifecycle management of in-market products.

ZIXI Zixi’s mission is to enable content delivery at satellite and fiber operating metrics with internet based economics and availability.  We aim to become the standard for IP delivery of video over the internet from anywhere to anywhere reliably, securely and at the highest quality.

VELOCOMP Founded in 2004, Velocomp is dedicated to product breakthroughs in the areas of performance, measurement, design, and value. Velocomp is based in Boca Raton, FL and proudly manufacturing iBike Power Meters and Cycling Computers that are made in the USA. Today, over 100,000 iBike ® products are being enjoyed by cyclists worldwide.

SQZ Biotech

  • Novel Cell engineering Platform from MIT/Langer Labs
  • Delivers DNA, RNA, Proteins, CRISPR Tx, Small Molecules
  • State of the Art Therapies for Immuno-oncology
  • Works with Patient’s own Immune System

Q Urological – Aguamedicina” is a biocompatible proprietary structural hydrogel comprised of mostly water which will be used to generate a comprehensive line of urology products. Available now this includes Persistent and Fuselage ureteral stents and coming soon, Continental urethral catheters and stents.

physIQ – PhysIQ is a company dedicated to enabling proactive care delivery models through pinpointIQ® , our highly scalable cloud-based platform for personalized physiology analytics. Our FDA 510k-cleared data analytics platform is designed to process multiple vital signs from wearable sensors to create a personalized dynamic baseline for each individual. By mapping vital sign relationships this way, physIQ’s analytics detect subtle deviations that may be a precursor to disease exacerbation or change in health. With applications in both healthcare and clinical trial support, physIQ is transforming continuous physiological data into insight for providers, health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies.